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Sensuality is about contact, not the ideal, not a specific one, but perfection in the physical act of touch. We need curves to stimulate our senses,we need to involve touch, delight, fun and love to feel human. Sensuality is about feeling good in our skin, stimulating our senses by feeling the prickle of the grass on those summer evenings, letting the breeze tickle our leghair, and the warmth of the sunset lazily washing over us. We want to build environments that evoke that feeling of celebrating ourselves completely. To construct who we are, we need to build our own sensuality, coming into contact with who we are.
How can we take care of each other? It is a fundamental question that keeps us up at night. We needed to do something that brought people together. That was how VOLUPTE was born from a deep and pure feeling of just wanting to take care of each other.Empathy is the root of Volupte. Connection through sensorial messages that are exchanged and shared drive us forward..
The strength of the voice of others, of the collective, will always bring us to new ideas, we need others to “give birth” (Platon-maieutica) to new concepts of thoughts. We need others to overcome our thoughts. We make sure that all our materials come from producers that have the same values as us.
When we think about the greatness of the universe, the world we know and recognize can only exist within a very narrow bandwidth — we need the perfect amount of oxygen, hydrogen, light, acidity, and temperature. Within that small spectrum, infinite combinations of creation take place that we witness everyday. These processes involve changing states of matter that through time create extraordinary examples of reconstituted and reorganized atoms. Time constantly serves as the measure of quantity and quality within the process of creation.
Through time, we become aware of the spectrum of emotions that pass us through the present act of creation. To move forward with grace and réflexion, we research, investigate and wonder to create work that responds to more than just consumption and empty objects.While we know that at the end of the day, we are mostly talking about dirt,it’s the most fundamental of all materials. With time, we combine it with water, fire and something extraordinary happens. The miracle of this reminds us that life is more in shades and hues than blacks and whites. It is always in flux.
Our grandfathers only planted in the garden on full moons. The town where our grandparents grew up shared the water from the well to make sure that everyone had enough water. At the end of the summer, berries were collected to make jam, to make vinegar, to make wine. There is an attitude that humans are not the pinnacle of creation and there is a modesty – and even perhaps an awestruck pause that we can learn something from the elements, the insects, the plants around us. For us, it is not a choice to be sustainable, it is inherent in what we do. Our attitude has always been a deep-rooted commitment to our land, our resources and community, passed down from generation to generation.
Sympoiesis is defined as “making with.” Nothing can be created on its own. Everything makes with something else. We forget that we are not self-organizing. Instead we are an entangled knot of complex, dynamic, responsive, situated, historical systems – that includes human/non human/material perspectives. How can we unfurl ourselves to understand better that in nature ‘destruction does not mean death, but rebirth. Where we work, it is easy to call material just rock. Closer review reveals a richness of ecosystems, constantly in movement and creation.