Research Old

Our exploration into biomaterials and bio-design started as a parallel approach to incorporate into our ceramics practice. How strange that ceramics have become often so disconnected from the fact that it is really just clay made up of different percentages of sand, silica and rock. So organic and representative of the constant balance of resource use, destruction and creation among all living things. Yet, in the design world, we are constantly designing for one protagonist– humans. Using new materials represents different ways of experiencing our environment and its problems, which could not be perceived with the naked eye.
We like to explore up close this entanglement of human and nonhuman forms. We like to question our comfortableness with the blindness and amnesia that persist in industrial landscapes. Who really are the protagonists? What really is going on in the materials that we use and how can we remind ourselves of their landscape.

We find it inspiring to include new materials to create a larger scope of included characters (humans, plants, microorganisms) to thereby narrate about non-human worlds. We like working on projects that rethink procedural, evolutionary, horizontal links generated between interfields /interspecies. Co-creation between ourselves and place and material allows for the process to flow between living organisms.