Glaze and Texture Experiences


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Relying on traditional techniques and artisan knowledge, we will explore
the creation and application of natural glazes (glazes made from
biomaterials). This class is designed for those who would like to push their
practice a bit further or for those who are interested in a new approach to
glaze making. No experience is required. We will approach our work as
research with a final piece produced. First class will focus on the
background of natural glazes, techniques, and materials. Students will
create their own test pieces and glazes from natural materials that we
have at the studio. The second class will begin the design process of a
final product after evaluation of the resulting glaze tests. The final class
will be application of your chosen unique glaze on your piece. Come with
an open mind and a curiosity to try new things!

8h workshop in 3 days with coffee and cookies, 180 euros.

Day 1 prepare tests with natural materials 2h30

Day 2 Create your piece and test your glazes for firing 3h

Day 3 Glaze result discussion and glaze your piece 2h30


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