New Materials in Ceramics


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Creating unique and individual ceramic pieces is more than just thinking about
color and clay’ but also texture. We are inspired by our natural environment to
search for materials to add new forms, shapes and textures to our pieces. In
this class, you will explore how to add elements or incorporate your pieces that
mimic nature. We will approach our work as research with final piece produced.
The first class, you will explore how to incorporate natural elements into your
ceramic practice through a series of tests that you will create. We will provide
natural elements, such as plants, rocks, seeds, shells (but you can also bring
some of your own!). The second class, we will discuss the results of the tests
and design a final form that you would like to make to incorporate your natural
elements from your tests. This class does not use glaze, but we can glaze the
interior for water resistance. Looking forward to seeing how you bring nature
into your practice!
5h workshop in 2 days with coffee and cookies, 130 euros.


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