Collection Matteria OLD

Collection Matteria


An investigation of natural materials locally sourced, and waste to form new products of value and quality. Volupte reevaluates our relationship with their environment - connecting landscape to product or matter to their constituted elements.

Stoneware plates glazed with natural glazes made from orange peel, eggshell and mussels. Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape where the sea meets the mountains, our Ceres I,II,III plates are reminiscent of late summer afternoons of warm browns, intense blues and opalescent pigments.

We use natural materials to create the glazes on our handcrafted plates. With the sweet wafting of orange blossom, the fertility of the egg and the salty brine of the mussel, we use food waste to limit our resource use and explore how we can connect our process with the story behind the material.

The array of materials used in the production reminds us of how a product is vehicle for the transfer of meaning or a story. Here, we see the dichotomy of nature and urban materials create a symphonic balance between creation and destruction.